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Is a food delivery service a good startup?

Is a food delivery service a good startup?

Yes In my opinion food delivery service is a good startup. I would suggest few tips for starting a food delivery services.

  • Decide on the delivery area you will service. Choose an area with a high enough population and income to sustain your business. Working couples are a good target niche and so are upscale families.
  • Contact restaurants within a 20 minute drive of the delivery area. Farther than that, too much of your time will be spent driving. People want their food quickly after they order.
  • Choose a variety of restaurants, such as Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican and American. Give your delivery customers a choice of different cuisines. Work with the restaurant’s manager to select which dishes they will prepare for delivery.
  • . Develop a delivery menu. Use the same prices that appear on the restaurant menu but make it clear there is a surcharge for delivery. If you increase the entree prices, customers may think they’re being cheated by having to pay more.
  • Print the delivery menus and leave them with each participating restaurant.
  • Market your service by including fliers inside newspapers within the delivery area. Mail postcards to notify people within the delivery ZIP codes about your service.
  • Obtain the required licensing. You will need a business license.