Welcome to our Takelu

About Us

It is an intermediary online portal between the customers and restaurants where customers can orders food from restaurants menu, and have it delivered directly to their home. We provide best quality food for our customers be it a small family gathering or an extravagant wedding reception. We have enough and more vehicles for speed transport of food with over 100 permanent staff on its payroll.

How long will food delivery take from time of ordering

We will make every attempt to coordinate a delivery as quickly as possible. In most cases, you can expect your food to arrive 45-55 minutes from the time you place your order. Please note that delivery time will vary for a number of circumstances, such as weather and traffic conditions, special events and food preparation time.

1 Hygienic Containers

The food is stored in hygienic and good quality containers that help to maintain the taste and aroma of the food even after long time.

2 Order by Online

The better and easiest way to order the food by online. No needs to pick up your phone/call and speak with takeaway person instead simply log online and where you may view's the menus according to their countries/states by simply select the food item from the respective menus.

3 Flexibility

Schedules may change and the number of people in a party may rise and fall, that situation my staffers are able to go with the flow and adjust to meet customer needs.

4 Friendliness

My staff should be friendly and patient with customers. This can mean going over the specials several times, taking drink requests, and making sure that customers are comfortable and enjoying their visit.

Are you want to my special services?

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