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Pizza in San Jose: New Twists on a Classic Dish With Delivery!

Pizza in San Jose: New Twists on a Classic Dish With Delivery!

Pizza is a staple of food delivery. There are plenty of big chains out there, but in the Bay Area, there are a number of locally owned pizza places that offer delicious pizzas and an assortment of other dishes. Pizza in San Jose is great to order whether you just want something for yourself or you want to order lunch for the entire office. A number of specialty pizzas are available, so you can surely find something outside of the ordinary. Here are some great places to order your next meal from.

Best Desi Pizza

Best Desi Pizza is a hidden gem in the area, and it has managed to develop quite a following with its wide selection of unique pizzas. This establishment is primarily known for offering Indian pizzas, such as Tandoori Chicken Specialty Pizza and the Shrimp Tandoori Specialty Pizza. In addition to pizzas, Best Desi Pizza also offers sandwiches, salads and pastas. There are even options for vegetarians and vegans, so if you need pizza for a large group, then there is something for everyone here.

Even if you are not a vegetarian, you are going to get a kick out of the Garden Pesto Specialty Pizza. This pizza comes topped with pesto sauce, zucchini, artichokes, green peppers, onions, cooked tomatoes and some extra seasoning. Round out your order with some sides, too. Best Desi Pizza offers potato skins and Desi’s special curly fries. One thing is certain: You are definitely going to feel full after a meal here.

Via Mia Pizza

Since 1991, Via Mia Pizza has created delicious offerings for people in the San Jose area. This is a family-owned-and-operated establishment, and they have an expansive menu. People of all ages will find something to enjoy here. Via Mia Pizza has a commitment to only make the best pizzas out of the highest quality ingredients available. The owners of Via Mia Pizza encourage everyone in the area to try it out to experience the difference themselves. These pizzas are made to order, and you can even get gluten-free pizza. Before you can say you have tried every type of pizza in San Jose, you need to order from here.

To see just how fresh all the toppings are, you should give the Combination Pizza a try. It comes with Via Mia’s special mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. It then comes loaded with ground beef, Italian sausage, green pepper, mushrooms, pepperoni, salami, linguica and black olives. Keep in mind that substitutions are not offered for specialty pizzas. If you want some dipping sauces to accompany your pizza, there are plenty available for a small extra fee. Barbecue, creamy garlic and ranch sauces are the perfect way to complete a meal.

Stuft Pizza

Stuft Pizza has a history dating back to 1976 when Jack Bertram opened a small take-out restaurant. The secret to the establishment’s longevity can be traced back to one simple answer: its pizzas. For an incredible flavor, Stuft Pizza uses rotating ovens, which ensure the crust is baked thoroughly throughout. This results in a big, fluffy crust. Additionally, Stuft Pizza has a secret to its tomato sauce that brings in many tantalizing spices and herbs. Fresh vegetables and low-fat cheeses close out many of the offerings for a unique taste sensation.

A great pizza to try here is the BBQ Western. It comes topped with award-winning BBQ chicken along with fresh cilantro, bell peppers and red onions. You have your choice of sizes for any pizza you order. You can order a small, which comes with six slices. A medium is 13 inches and comes with eight slices. A large is 15 inches while an extra-large is 16 inches, and they both come with 12 slices. There is no better way to feed a big group of people than with tasty pizza in San Jose.

Food Delivered to You Quickly

There are so many pizzas to try, you may be placing orders for a while to give every offering its due. San Jose pizza can be delivered to anywhere in the Silicon Valley, and takelu.com offers delivery from a number of restaurants. The next time you feel like having amazing food delivered to your doorstep, simply place your order and wait for the meal to arrive.