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Food Near Me in Stanford: Diverse, Mouth-Watering Dishes Delivered!

Food Near Me in Stanford: Diverse, Mouth-Watering Dishes Delivered!

Medina Kabob House

When you want something different than what you can find on just any corner and need something that is very out of the ordinary to please everyone, consider stopping in at Medina Kabob House. This restaurant features authentic Afghan food and even has a store attached so you can take something home with you. Reasonable prices and a menu featuring everything from goat to lamb to potato baloni make this restaurant a crowd pleaser.

The one dish that has reviewers going crazy for this place is the Quabili pallow. This dish features a lamb shank buried in seasoned brown basmati rice. The lamb is delicate and moist, falling off the bone as soon as you touch it. Topping this dish is a mixture of carrots and raisins that resembles a simple coleslaw and complements the lamb nicely. You also get mixed greens and pita on the side to create a very filling meal.

Kirk’s Steakburgers

If you’re thinking, “I want some traditional food near me in Stanford,” or you’re just looking for a good burger, you cannot go wrong with Kirk’s Steakburgers. This restaurant has been a staple for food near me in Stanford since 1948. Every burger is cooked to order however you want it, so everyone can be happy with their meal, even those who prefer their burgers rare. They are known for being family-friendly while also offering a great atmosphere for friends to get together.

The menu item that has everyone talking when it comes to this restaurant is the basic steakburger, which has always been a patron favorite. It is 1/3 pound of premium ground steak topped with cheese served to your liking. The topping bar provides pretty everything so you can design the exact burger you want. These burgers are always juicy, never greasy and 100-percent fresh. The dish is finished off with fries and an icy glass of beer on the side.

Drunken Lobster

Perhaps your tastes are leaning a bit more towards the nautical. If that is the case, then you must give the Drunken Lobster a try. This is a surprising treat with décor that takes you right away to the ocean. It is casual, yet the food is top-notch. While the focus is on seafood, this restaurant is made for everyone. They even have seafood pizza.

The most popular menu item, though, is the lobster roll. This is an authentic take on this classic food. It features hearty chunks of fresh lobster that you can get naked, which means it is served with a drawn butter sauce on the side, or dressed, which means it comes in a light mayonnaise dressing. It is served on a buttery, lightly toasted New England split top roll. On the side, you get traditional fries, but you can also add one of the many seafood soup options, such as the lobster bisque, if you are super hungry and want a more filling meal for dinner.

Time to Order

The next time you begin to wonder, “Where do I find food near me in Stanford?”, you can reflect back on your choices of tasty Afghan cuisine from Medina Kabob House, authentic bold burgers from Kirk’s Steakburgers and fresh seafood favorites from the Drunken Lobster. You can stop in for a bite to eat at any of these fine restaurants or get the food delivered to your home or office for lunch or dinner from Waiter.com. When you are craving great food, there is no reason to wait with so many options available for food in the Stanford area. Find out more about the best food delivery service in town that makes ordering simple, so you can start eating the amazing menu items you just read about right now.