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What are some healthy alternatives to water?

What are some healthy alternatives to water?

Are there healthy alternatives to water? It sounds like a strange question, especially when you consider that water is the healthiest beverage solution available. When doctors tell patients to stay hydrated, they usually prescribe more water, in its natural form. They usually don’t prescribe water as part of a beverage that has other ingredients added. However, not everyone likes water. I know, it may seem strange, but it’s true.

A first-world problem

You’ve probably heard of first-world problems, and complaining about the taste of water is at the top of the list of a first-world problem. Just in case you’re wondering what other first-world problems are, here are a few more:

Examples of first-world problems

Blisters from new shoes

Slow internet speed

Sitting near children on an airplane

A salad bar with no Ranch dressing

Running out of hot water in the morning

Towels and bedding don’t match

Water is wonderful

It’s been said that you don’t appreciate the water in a well until the well runs dry. There’s a reason why entire civilizations were built around water sources. Without water, people die. Not only is water required for human hydration, it’s required for irrigating crops, watering livestock, cooking, transportation, and more! Don’t diss water.

Think of the Egyptians. This grand civilization thrived in large measure because of its reliance on the Nile. And they knew it. The Nile was central to Egyptian life and society. It was more than just a river. It was the eternal source of continued life and sustainment.

Imagine if the ancient Egyptians could listen-in to some of the complaining today from people who don’t drink water because they don’t like the taste of it!

The truth is, though, we don’t live in the same world as the ancient Egyptians. In our world, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to plain old water. Of course, these options keep the “water” and remove the “plain” by adding flavor without adding sugar.

Here are a few options to use as alternatives to plain old water

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer

Pure Inventions Water Infusion Drops

Melaleuca Spash20

Nuun Electrolyte Drink Tablets

Monin Blackberry Concentrate

In conclusion, I suppose it is more appropriate to view these suggestions not as water alternatives, but water enhancements.

Either way, be sure to love water, whether flavored or not!